Dating a schwinn paramount

(see paramont serial numbers at waterford bikes - go to dating my bike) it appears to be a p10-9 men's paramount deluxe ten speed tourer according to the 1977 schwinn super-lite catalog the same site has the original price list there is a larger photo in the 1977 consumer catalog the wonderful bob hufford. For sale is a 1972 schwinn paramount road bike (p-13) serial number is j72207 , which translates campagnolo nr cranks stamped 170 strada, pre date code chain rings are 52-42 combo original paramount decals are gone, but are available from waterford cycles contact at: [email protected] This is a bike that i literally just stumbled upon but one it seems that fate arranged for me to have it belonged to an old friend of mine who no longer rides due to physical issues he was the original owner and even though he had changed out some parts over the years he. Deciphering serial numbers thanks to bill kloos and ed litton example: the serial number on the bb he gained an appreciation of hand built bicycles working as a mechanic in the shop of legendary schwinn paramount maker oscar wastyn in chicago according to albert, wastyn didn't teach him the craft, more than. This is a 1972 schwinn paramount p14c custom track bike the road fork was lighter than a track fork and has the matching serial numbers to the frame i have a provenance letter from waterford stating that spike shannon, paramount engineer was involved in the build of this prototype frameset. If letters were used for date codes, they skipped the letters i and o as they looked too much like numbers note: this scheme is for all chicago built non- paramount models excluding 1962-1963 superiors, 1964-1969 super sports and 1968 s/s tourers (whose serial numbers are located on the left rear axle hanger and. Please send me the number and year (if you know it) and a picture if you have one this info will be used to attempt to rebuild the pre-1948 serial numbers list use this link for identifying pre- war characteristics by year id facts all schwinn enthusiasts. Schwinn paramount series 30 pdg mountain bike 16 in in clean condition 21 speed frame material schwinn mtb oversize butted cr-mo tubing rims ritchey vintage sport hubs shimano deore dx front and rear derailleur shimano deore lx seat shows wear few minor scratches rear rim needs a minor tuning.

Both of these happen to easily date from the period when the bike was made i really had decided to use them on this bike to protect the enamel and decals from cage clamp damage on the downtube because of the fenders i had mounted, the seat tube would be very cramped for mounting a bolt-on cage below the decal. Only 25 of these 75th anniversary schwinn paramount frames are being sold whatever you think about the current status of schwinn the brand, there's no denying its place in america's long cycling history in one form or another the company has been building bikes since 1895 not all of those bikes have. Please help id this bike i received this bicycle for free from my old neighbor and he told me this could fetch some good money if i restore it i cannot find this bike online i have no idea what model or year this is all i know its a sears roebuck bicycle obviously hopefully someone here knows a little bit. Hence paramount serial numbers are unique to paramounts and serve as a tally of paramount production, while serial numbers on the fillet-brazed models were mixed in with other schwinn models this is also why the fillet-brazed models came in the same colors as lower-priced schwinns, which contributed to their.

Later schwinn serial numbers / years made bicycles from japan made in the 70's have a production month letter in either the first or second position and a production year number in the other (first or second) position examples j677123 = september, 1976, 6j77123 = september, 1976 during the 1980s, greenville used. Some bmx bikes and a few schwinn bicycles place the serial on the rear dropout on older schwinns there are numbers stamped on both the drive side and non- drive side rear dropouts the one on the non-drive side dropout is the serial number look serial number some bikes have multiple serial numbers when adding. The new world was a hand filet braced bicycle produced by schwinn as a mid range bicycle below the paramount, along with the schwinn superior beginning around '73/'74 some japanese built schwinns began sporting headbadges with a 4-digit stamping that represented the assembly date and consisted of the.

After the bike-boom of the early 1970's, paramount was in a poor state of affairs in regards to competition and advancing technologies in 1979, edward r schwinn jr was made president of the company and promptly closed down all of the paramount operations until they could be brought up to date marc muller, a young. Official site of schwinn bikes and fitness equipment find your next schwinn bicycle or exercise bike here.

Dating a schwinn paramount

Schwinn bikes have a race pedigree dating back to 1895 including the first six- day races held in the united states before baseball became the new national pastime the first schwinn paramount was introduced in 1938 on the other end, my frame is a few years away from being one of the last schwinn.

American-made custom bicycles and frames - waterford precision cycles. The schwinn paramount was a high-end racing bicycle produced under the schwinn bicycle company brand from 1938 through 2009 contents [hide] 1 racing roots 2 classic era 3 the ten speed 4 the bicycle boom 5 transfer of ownership 6 references racing roots[edit] in the 1930s, schwinn sponsored a.

The schwinn paramount all paramount share the same close attention to quality , materials and workmanship differences between individual models reflect intended use (touring, track or road racing) with each bicycle hand built to the exacting specifications this page provides year by year images and info quoted from. Limited production schwinn bikes include paramount, letour, and sting model names produced in the united states the paramount serial numbers (1970 - 1979) included a production month letter followed by two numbers indicating production year (79 = 1970, etc) the sequence was changed in 1981. The paramount was introduced in 1938 and was schwinn's best lightweight track racers and touring bikes paramounts were hand built in their own section of the schwinn factory and represented schwinn's top effort to the lightweight racing market these hand built frames were high grade tubing with lugged.

Dating a schwinn paramount
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