Kay mandolin dating

During the period of 1902 to approximately 1909 the mandolins sported tailpiece covers with a curly top and internal white labels with an image of orville gibson holding a lyre mandolin sometimes (rarely) the labels are easy to read: the model and serial numbers hand-printed in ink and sometimes the information was. Kay musical instrument company was a musical instrument manufacturer of the united states, in operation since the 1930s until the 1960s kay was established in 1931 in chicago, illinois, by henry kay kuhrmeyer, from the assets of the former stromberg-voisinet (founded as groeschel mandolin company in 1890. It's an ultra-rare early kay-built 761 5-string family provenance, in great shape, with a vintage snapshot of the banjo being played and it went for way less than two 1450 dano sseg w/ oc vg $680 clean, light wear and a few dings, whammy bar present, logo strong, pots date to march 1966, unusual neck plate. No serial # or date stamp strad-o-lin mandolins have always been fairly enigmatic to us vintage instrument folks very little information on this some think strad-o-lins were built in new york, others think they were a kay product made in chicago, yet some point at united in new jersey fact of the matter is that your. I inherited my great grandfather's kay mandolin i do not know anything about it on the inside there is a sticker that says continental kay is on the top of the headstock it has black tuning knobs if anyone can provide approximate age i would be join date: jun 2010 location: rocky hill, ct posts: 244. Although i must mention that prior to the acquisition, stromberg-voisinet had a line of guitars and mandolins under the kay kraft brandname the kay trademark as of this date, blair is still listed as ceo of kay guitars and also of kustom musical instruments which was formerly owned by hanser music. The kay musical instrument company grew from the groeschel mandolin company (or groeshl instrument company) in chicago, established in 1890 in 1921, the company was renamed to stromberg-voisinet in 1923, later kay used this type of pickups on various kay electrics dating back to the 1940s also in 1952. American mandolin, gibson mandolin-guitar company, kalamazoo, 1915, model a-3, labeled gibson mandolin style a-3, number 31496 is hereb stromberg voisonet (pre-kay) mandolin w/ gibson a style case 1910-1920's english cittern, circa a stringed instrument dating from the renaissance.

Michael kelly guitars is an american guitar, bass and mandolin company, who imports quality instruments manufactured to their specifications. Nice kay hollow body electric in nashville for $250 the seller says this needs a truss rod adjustment and this may be one of the old style threaded trussrods that you turn bin inserting a bolt and using a wrench - either way this one looks to be in nice shape and all original - that's a big plus 58' kay jazzbox (west end. Dating nettsted lucknow som ansa-medlem har du gunstige forsikringsvilkår, gode bankordninger – og ikke minst et nettverk av 10000 andre likesinnede som alle ønsker en uforglemmelig studietid i utlandet ansa er der for deg – før, under og etter utenlandsstudiene beste dating online overskriften.

In 1928, henry kay kuhrmeyer bought the stromberg-voisinet guitar company and soon renamed it kay guitar kay is known as one of the first manufacturers of electric guitars, which it began doing in 1928, but it also made mandolins because its electric guitars were far more popular than its mandolins,. The kay guitar company web site l7922-339 is my kay mandolin's serial number i received it christmas morning and am having trouble finding a serial number database for it can you give me some info on it 2nd number is 5856 what's the model, what's the date really appreciate your help in dating it, if you can. Q: i have 2 old craftsman banjos and a mandolin marked old kraftsman (k instead of c) do you have any information jm a: they were made in the 1940s by the kay company, in business in chicago from 1931 to 1968 all the kay products (sometimes marked kay kraft) are solidly made but low.

Image server what is my kay guitar worth click here for appraisal information copyright 2008, rev 12/17/2010, all rights reserved, kay guitar company, [email protected] Arthur crudup – silvertone (kay), kay upbeat and gibson archtops 43 emma daniels (of “two gospel keys”) – stella 44 jed davenport – stella concert 12- string, joe mccoy's washburn(), regal mandolin 45 blind gary davis (p) – national duolian then a washburn, a kay k-26 jumbo (1950) and various gibsons.

Kay mandolin dating

Both mandolins were around my grandparent's house for as long as i can remember, but little is actually known about this kay mandolin just recently, i discovered a very faint marking inside the body: 'k64 464' through some research, i determined that this was a k-64 model mandolin dating the instrument, however, has.

George dreyfus was bom in wuppertal, germany in 1928 he left germany in 1939 and settled in australia he was educated at melbourne high school and later at the vienna academy of music after seventeen years as an orchestral musician he became a freelance composer in 1965 his compositions include music for. 1961 k5962 1961 kay k5962 1960 k672 swingmaster 1960 kay k672 swingmaster 1968 joe maphis double neck 1968 mosrite joe maphis double neck mandolin unknown mandolin 1940 diana lap steel 1940 oahu diana lap steel 1957 combo 400 1957 rickenbacker combo 400 1980 dm5 1980 sigma. Mandolins  seagull s8 mandolin burnt umber the seagull s8 mandolin is an acoustic mandolin that offers players the opportunity to experience the great feel and superb sound provided by a hand finished neck, solid sitka spruce top and a custom polished finish body depth 185 inches body length 1224 inches. He also played the mandolin, so much so that he often drove his younger sister katherine to say, “he sits around and picks that thing until i can hardly stay in the house the point of madness” the wrights had a humble childhood orville and wilbur didn't care for dating katharine wright, born three years.

Mandolin world headquarter offers only the best vintage mandolins for sale – click here to buy a used mandolin today. Prokerala matchmaking read all of the posts by iamakashvaani on akashvaani com free dating sites vancouver canada elovedates is an one of the most popular international free dating sites search millions users, try free dating coach imdb 2012 after hours meets la femme nikita when a geeky video game designer,. This is one of the most frustrating questions from the mij collector as i've read many different guitar collector/enthusiast forums and spoken to local guitar dealers, it's clear that the layperson has little to no idea who made their badged guitar from the 1960-1980 period, also known as the mij golden age of. When i was dating my wife back in the 1990s, this was her guitar (and technically still is) a gorgeous little del oro solid mahogany archtop, the top del oro was manufactured by kay, successor to stromberg-voisinet and this is perhaps the nicest del oro i've ever seen it's got a clear, midrangey, honky tone that paired.

Kay mandolin dating
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